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Welcome to καὶ τὰ λοιπά! The phrase, καὶ τὰ λοιπά, is the Greek equivalent of the Latin et cetera (and other things). This blog, then, will focus on Greek and Greek pedagogy but will also incorporate my related interests in New Testament, Early Judaism, and Biblical Studies in general.

I am an Associate Professor at Houston Baptist University in Houston, TX, where I teach Biblical Studies. I received my BA in Biblical Studies from Criswell College, my MA in Biblical Studies from Yale Divinity School, and my Ph.D. in New Testament from Southeastern Seminary in Wake Forest, NC.

I am currently completing a second doctorate in Jewish Studies at Durham University, where I am researching the reception of the Jewish festivals in early Judaism and Christianity. My adviser is Robert Hayward. You can view my CV here and read about some of my publications here.

My beautiful wife Renée is a very talented photographer who services clients in Houston, Dallas, and Austin! Check out her work at http://www.reneestreett.com/.

Feel free to contact me through the following email address, or add me as a friend on social media:

DISCLAIMER: All opinions expressed here are my own, and not necessarily that of my employer, Houston Baptist University. Many of the thoughts and opinions expressed here are experimental, exploratory, tentative, and subject to substantial revision. This blog should be read more as a sounding board for exploring ideas and questions than as a repository of settled convictions.

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