This page is a catchall for resources mentioned on my blog, especially those having to do with communicative teaching of Koine Greek. Please check back occasionally as this page will be updated frequently with new resources.

On Greek Pedagogy

Greek Audio Resources

  • Buy Spiros Zodhiates’ flawless reading of the entire Koine Greek NT with native modern Greek pronunciation. An mp3 disc is only $14.99 here. That’s a steal! You can also get regular audio CDs here for a bit more.
  • Listen to a native Greek speaker read the Koine Greek NT for free on Librivox here. Only a few books are finished but more are being added.
  • Hear another Greek read the Koine NT with a modern pronunciation here. Several NT books available and more to come.
  • Check out Louis Sorenson’s page for more!

Lexical Resources

Helpful Websites/Blogs

  • The Biblical Language Center is a great place to learn Biblical Greek or Hebrew communicatively. Make sure you check out their curricula for purchase, which are a perfect way to get a solid start in learning both Biblical languages:
  • The Classical Language Academy, headed by Sebastian Carnazzo, offers online communicative courses in Koine Greek:
  • Christophe Rico‘s Polis textbook, which uses a grammatical-communicative method may be found here. Make sure to check out the sample chapter and TOC. For more information on his teaching method and the classes he offers, visit his new site
  • The Conversational Koine Institute at has online classes conducted communicatively in Biblical Greek, Hebrew, and Latin.
  • Glossahouse is a publisher associated with CKI above that is putting out a lot of needed and helpful resources for communicative Greek:
  • B-Greek, the Biblical Greek forum, is a (usually) friendly place to discuss linguistics, exegesis, and pedagogy:
  • Louis Sorenson has compiled a multitude of helpful resources at Especially be sure to check out his selection of audio recordings.
  • ΣΧΟΛΗ. If you want to try your hand at communicating in Greek go to, which is a Facebook of sorts for people who want to communicate in ancient Greek, whether by Skype or simply in writing.
  • John Schwandt teaches both Greek and Hebrew as living languages at New St. Andrews College in Moscow, Idaho. His website for the Institute of Biblical Greek has a lot of helpful resources, including this page comparing pronunciation systems.

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