New Testament Read with Modern Greek Pronunciation – FREE!

If you’re interested in listening to the NT in Greek, and if you prefer a modern pronunciation, you’ll want to check out the new (to me, anyway) FREE resource at It’s the entire NT in Koine Greek (the 1904 Ecumenical Patriarchal Text, which is based on Byzantine MSS).

The site has a very convenient interface that lets you choose what chapter you want to listen to and also displays the Greek text. In addition, there’s a feature that appears to let you download the entire audio bible if you wish.

The audio quality is quite good. The reader goes rather fast, so if you’re looking for a slower reading or one more convenient for using on the run, you will want to check out the recording by Spiros Zodhiates, which I’ve noted elsewhere on this blog and which is available in mp3 CD for under $20.

About Daniel R. Streett

Associate Professor of Biblical Studies at Houston Baptist University
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15 Responses to New Testament Read with Modern Greek Pronunciation – FREE!

  1. BigDavz0r says:

    Thank you for letting us know! Now, I’ve used the recording by Spiros Zodhiates a good bit. Have you observed any interesting differences between the two?

  2. Nick Norelli says:

    Are you familiar with ( You can listen to the entire NT in either Greek or Latin. The reading is a good deal slower than the one you’ve highlighted in this post, but certainly faster than many students of the language read aloud.

    • Nick, I am familiar with that site and have recommended it in the past as a good free resource. I find the pronunciation off on several of the consonants, as many others have also noted. With Zodhiates and the site, you’re getting native pronunciation, which is a big plus. I actually like the speed of the recording, since it gives you a good idea of how quick normal reading speed sounds.

  3. BigDavz0r says:

    Another comment. By any chance have you come across any LXX recordings using the modern or “Buthian” pronunciation?

  4. Tomek says:

    It sounds so nice that I switch over to the modern greek pronunciation:)

  5. Leon Brown says:

    Hello. I’ve read several arguments supporting both sides of the debate (koine versus modern pronunciation). Would you mind recommending some reading for your position?

    By the way, I sat in on a session where you presented some information on SLA pedagogy at SBL and I appreciated your thoughts. I am progressing toward my Ph.D. in Hebrew. 🙂



  6. Leon Brown says:

    By searching your site, I’ve found the answer to my question. Thanks! 🙂

  7. Thank you! It sounds beautiful! And just listening to John 1, I’ve already found one pronunciation mistake of my own.

  8. Arild says:

    Some of you have been looking for an audio verion of the LXX.
    It is recorded by the same person that recorded the NT for
    There are versions with background music and some with music only at the beginning.

  9. sovcm says:

    Hello Daniel, DO you know where I can find the following audio resource dome by Spiros Zodhiates of J Gresham Machen New Testament Greek vocabulary. Thanks! – Paul in Richmond, VA

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