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Exegesis vs. Reading? Or, How to Dismantle an Atomistic Bomb

I ran across this quote on the B-Greek discussion list today: “I define ‘exegesis’ as learning to extract meaning from a language that one does not control.” (Randall Buth) What do you think about that quote? I find it very interesting … Continue reading

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Review of Matthew D. Jensen, Affirming the Resurrection of the Incarnate Christ: A Reading of 1 John

You can read a pdf of the review here: Review of Matthew D. Jensen, Affirming the Resurrection of the Incarnate Christ: A Reading of 1 John. I was invited last year by Joel Williams, the book review editor at the Journal of … Continue reading

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Vienna, Venio

The International Meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature is in Vienna this year. I couldn’t pass up the chance to combine a visit to this world-class city with participation in a world-class biblical studies conference, so I’m excited to … Continue reading

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Is Every Day a Festival? (Phun with Philo)

In his work on the Special Laws of the Torah (De specialibus legibus), Philo enumerates 10 festivals he finds described in the Law. The first, he says, might surprise the reader: “This festival is every day” (2.41). He goes on … Continue reading

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Priests and Israel as Superhuman

In my research on the reception of the Jewish festivals, I focus on the idea that the festivals are moments when humans can participate in the divine or heavenly life/world. A well-known example: Philo depicts the High Priest on Yom Kippur … Continue reading

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Can You Teach Kids Ancient Greek?

I’m pleased to have another guest post from Dr. Sebastian Carnazzo (see the first here). He teaches Greek communicatively with the Academy of Classical Languages through an interactive online format. Here’s Sebastian’s report on his experience teaching 2nd graders to speak and read … Continue reading

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Greek Vocabulary: Are we cooking the books?

Undoubtedly the best-selling Koine Greek textbook used in seminaries and colleges throughout North America is Bill Mounce’s user-friendly grammar, Basics of Biblical Greek, which is now in its 3rd edition. Mounce requires students to cover 320 NT vocabulary words in … Continue reading

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Video for the HBU Pauline Theology Conference

You might be interested in checking out the video of the two keynote addresses by N. T. Wright at the recent Pauline Theology conference hosted by Houston Baptist University: Paul in His Jewish World Israel in Pauline Theology I blogged … Continue reading

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HBU Paul and Judaism Conference Report

I had a wonderful time last week in Houston at the Paul and Judaism Theology Conference. The conference was a two-day event hosted by Houston Baptist University. The main attractions were the keynote addresses by Tom Wright, Ross Wagner, and Beverly … Continue reading

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Living Koine Greek in South Africa! (Guest Post)

Readers, I’m excited to present this guest post by Sebastian Carnazzo. He teaches Greek communicatively with the Academy of Classical Languages through an interactive online format. You definitely need to check out the video samples on his website (on the … Continue reading

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