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Priests and Israel as Superhuman

In my research on the reception of the Jewish festivals, I focus on the idea that the festivals are moments when humans can participate in the divine or heavenly life/world. A well-known example: Philo depicts the High Priest on Yom Kippur … Continue reading

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The Festivals as Participation in Divine Life

I am currently on a year-long sabbatical from teaching. Besides several articles, my major research project is my doctoral thesis for Durham University. I am writing on the way that apocalyptic and mystical groups in early Judaism interpreted the Jewish … Continue reading

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Sabbath Rest in Hebrews (LXX Texts of Note)

Rest is a major theme in Hebrews 3-4. There, the author quotes at length Psalm 95 (94 in LXX), which invites its hearers to learn from the example of their forefathers, who rebelled in the wilderness and were kept from … Continue reading

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