A Koine Greek Immersion Event in Lexington, KY

Michael Halcomb of Pisteuomen is hosting a conversational Koine weekend in Lexington, KY. This would be a great way for anyone within driving distance to get their feet wet speaking Greek or to get further practice and network with others who are interested. Be sure to check it out and act fast, as Michael tells me that over half the spots are already taken!

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2 Responses to A Koine Greek Immersion Event in Lexington, KY

  1. χαιρω ακουων περι τουτου. παλαι μεν ουν οι φιλοι μου (φημι δη τον Louis Sorensen και τον Donald Cobb) τοιον ειχομεν εν τῳ νοει του ποιησαι. καλον τουτ’ αν γενοιτο.

  2. pavlakis99 says:

    Hi Daniel,

    Here is youtube clip of LXX Ps 33 being sung.

    it seems to go up v.9 then she chants terirem. I like the”Christos o Kurios” but the Christos is spelt with an eta and not a iota — I wonder if this homophone (with the right pronunciation) is not just a coincidence.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9sU2FaM35kA Ψαλμός ΡΒ΄. 102 Ευλόγει η ψυχή μου, τον Κύριον και πάντα τα εντός μου το όνομα το άγιον αυτού. Ευλόγει η ψυχή μου τον Κύριον και μή επιλανθάνου πάσας τας ανταποδόσεις αυτού




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