Come, Eat, Speak Greek!

Those of you who are attending SBL must be sure to attend the Greek lunch hosted by the Applied Linguistics Group. This is the first Greek lunch, so I look forward to seeing how many will show up and participate. Hopefully, it will be a fun, low-stress time to practice our Greek, learn some new words/phrases, and meet some new folks. Just grab your lunch at the food court and bring it over to the Intercontinental. It’ll be just like a real συπόσιον, minus the couches, drinking-games, slaves, flute-girls and general debauchery.

Ok, so it won’t be like a συπόσιον at all, more like a bespectacled nerd-fest. All the info is below. Also, check out this handout, which will provide you with the same info along with some helpful vocabulary and some suggestions for topics of conversation.

Almost certain to attend the Greek lunch at SBL.

Koine Greek Lunch
2011 SBL/AAR Annual Meeting
Time/Date: Sunday, Nov. 20, 11:45–12:45
Place: Intercontinental-Howard (5th floor)

This is an opportunity for those involved with studying or teaching Koine Greek to spend a little time with each other speaking in Koine Greek. Everyone is welcome, regardless of pronunciation preference or conversational ability. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Pecca fortiter! (τολμηρῶς ἁμάρτανε!)

Our goals:
▪ To practice speaking Koine Greek conversationally.
▪ To get to know others who are interested in speaking Koine Greek or pursuing a communicative pedagogy for Koine Greek.
▪ To become more aware of our own level of proficiency in Greek. We can sometimes mistake ability to translate familiar texts for proficiency in the language. A good way to see how far we have to go is by interacting in the language.

Please note: Lunch is not provided, bring your own! Feel free to come when you can and leave when you must.

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2 Responses to Come, Eat, Speak Greek!

  1. πῶς τὸ δεῖπνον? πολλὴ λαλία ἦν? περὶ τίνος ἐλαλήσατε? πόσοι παρεὶσιν?

    γράφετε οὖν ἡμῖν. βουλὀμεθα γὰρ εἰδέναι.

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