Christmas Songs in Koine Greek

For your lyrical pleasure this χ-mas, I point you to several Christmas songs in ancient Greek:

Merry Christmas to all my readers!

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3 Responses to Christmas Songs in Koine Greek

  1. I’ve read your blog for a while now and I’m really encouraged by it. I just graduated from seminary and suffered through traditional Greek and Hebrew courses. I just purchased Buth’s Living Koine part 1 and I’m loving it. I really hope you guys can convert more to your side over the years and if I ever decide to go back and get my PHD I’ll definitely try to help. I just remember my first week of Greek class and how excited I got that I was actually “reading” a Bible verse in the original language. After several years of seminary that excitement turned to frustration and I hate to say it but apathy. It just wasn’t worth the effort in my mind to take the time to translate a passage when I could just use my ESV and glance at a few different translations or the Greek/Hebrew to see if there was any disagreement. Being a pastor now, I just don’t have the time unfortunately (to be fair I also don’t make the time). I pray that I will stick with Buth’s stuff and can actually get to the point where I can actually truly read Greek. It is so rewarding to see it in the original and the prospect of being truly fluent in Greek/Hebrew is exciting. Keep up the good work.

    • William, thanks for writing in with your story. I wish I could say your experience was unique, but from my own experience and that of hundreds (thousands?) of students I have known and spoken with, it seems pretty typical. Many language profs, unfortunately, are completely out-of-touch or delusional about what the average seminarian’s experience with, and subsequent use of, the languages is. Thus, we get basically the same grammars and curricula, warmed over and perhaps re-sorted, being published again and again. I’m glad to hear you’re using Buth’s materials. Keep it up!

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