Online Living Greek Course Opportunity

My readers may be interested in the Greek course offered by the Catholic Education Center. They will be using Randall Buth’s materials for their textbook and living language methods for their instruction. It looks like they hope eventually to offer a four-course sequence. If anyone ends up taking the course, I’d love to hear about it, so please drop me an email!

You may also want to keep an eye on their website (which looks like it’s just beginning) at

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7 Responses to Online Living Greek Course Opportunity

  1. Jordan Day says:

    10:00-12:00pm EST every Wednesday??? Typical online course hours. One day someone will offer an online course with hours that allow working-class people to sign up.

  2. Benjamin Moody says:

    I have very much enjoyed the level 1 course using Buth’s materials and attending the web-class with Prof. Carnazzo. The course does run on Saturdays and Prof. Carnazzo is extremely supportive if there is a schedule conflict. The methodology is sound and effective. I am looking forward to the Level 2 classes.

  3. Ben Whitener says:

    I’ve also been a student in Dr. Carnazzo’s Level 1 Greek class, and have been very pleased with the amount of vocabulary that I’m picking up. As an American convert to the Greek Orthodox Church, it’s exciting to begin picking up words that I hear on a regular basis in the liturgy with a new level of understanding.

    Bring on Level 2!

  4. Derek Greer says:

    I’ve just started the level 1 class and am enjoying it immensely. I would highly recommend this class for anyone wanting to work toward fluency.

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