Loeb is a Many Splendored Thing

loeb-logoYou’ll want to be sure to keep an eye on the forthcoming digital Loeb Classical Library (HT: Ken Penner). The link includes a 2 minute video that gives some screenshots. The interface should be ready by this fall. It will be fully searchable in both the English translations and the Latin and Greek originals.

I hope they go ahead and put out a dedicated iOS app for these as well, since I’m not too keen on accessing it solely through the browser. A good model for this would be the ArtScroll Talmud app, which lets you purchase permanent access to each volume (for a fraction of the print price), as well as ‘rent’ a volume, in order to follow the Daf Yomi cycle.

I don’t see any details for the pricing scheme on this project, but I’m guessing it won’t be cheap. Perhaps we will have to rely on institutional access (at least, those of us with access to good research libraries that would subscribe).

loeb is all

Finally, here are two things I loeb love about the Loebs: 1) When you’re reading just the English side, you can feel like you’re really making fast progress, because the pages are so small. At the end of the day, you can brag to your wife that you read 300 pages of Philo today 🙂  2) When you have a load of Loebs bejeweling your bookshelves, it is a most glorious adornment.   They look great on a book shelf (of course, this won’t apply to the digital version)! Thus I conclude with a pic of the Loeb shelf taken at the Lanier Theological Library in Houston, Texas:

loeb wall

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3 Responses to Loeb is a Many Splendored Thing

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  2. Barry Hofstetter says:

    $65 per volume, I believe (or so the buzz about it on the Classics List). As for the Loeb itself, it’s for sissies… Oxford Classical Texts, that’s what you want!

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