How I Became a Real Blog


Somewhere along the line, during this blog’s “hibernation” last year, we passed 100K hits. In celebration of this, I skimped and saved, scrounged under sofa cushions, hit up the penny jar, and collected cans and bottles so that I could finally pay WordPress the $18 to make this a REAL blog! So, please note the the new domain name:, and point your browsers in that direction from here on out. The old will still work, I think, so don’t miss your kid’s soccer game or anything because you wanted to update your bookmark, ok?

Now that I’m a real blog, do you think I can finally start getting some free books from Mohr Siebeck and Brill? 🙂


Also, I finally caught up with the hot new trend of 2009 and have begun frittering away my time on Twitter. Follow me @daniel_streett. I can’t promise that I’ll be very active on Twitter, but it’s at least another way to follow the blog or interact with posts, if you want.

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1 Response to How I Became a Real Blog

  1. aldrred says:

    Well done Daniel- I’m following your blog all the way from South Africa. You’ve inspired me to do the same on this beautiful continent of ours.

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