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Some New Koine Greek Videos

Fellow blogger Michael Halcomb has begun posting some communicative Greek κινηματογραφικά at his website Pisteuomen under the series title Νοουμεν Ελληνις (that should probably be ἑλληνιστὶ νοοῦμεν or νοοῦμεν τὰ ἑλληνικά/τὴν ἑλληνικήν). I believe Michael is freshly back

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A Comprehensive Classroom Curriculum for Living Koine Greek (Needed Resources)

About the Series This is part of an ongoing series where I discuss resources that should be developed to aid teachers and students in acquiring Koine Greek communicatively. In this installment, I address what I think is perhaps the most important … Continue reading

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Immersion Greek: Developing the Necessary Support Structure (Basics of Greek Pedagogy, pt. 9)

About the Series In the last post, I discussed some ways seminaries and colleges could accommodate an immersive approach to Greek pedagogy in their curricula and begin to approach the amount of training students receive in modern language programs, or … Continue reading

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