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BibleWorks for Rapid Reading, pt 2 (BibleWorks 9 Review)

Introduction In this series I am exploring some ways that the new BibleWorks 9 can be used, not simply as a tool for exegesis or Bible study, but as an aid to communicative learning and teaching. For a good overview … Continue reading

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BibleWorks and Communicative Greek, pt 1 (BibleWorks 9 Review)

Introduction This is an introductory post to a short series in which I will explore some of the features in the new BibleWorks 9. There have already been numerous excellent reviews in the blogosphere. See, especially, David Instone-Brewer’s very helpful … Continue reading

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Bible Software, Greek Tools, and a Future for Immersion (Basics of Greek Pedagogy, pt. 6)

About the Series This is part 6 in a series of posts laying out the problems with typical Koine Greek teaching methods and proposing a reformation in pedagogy. In the last post, I discussed the amount of time it takes to … Continue reading

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