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A Better English to Greek Word Search

One of the most difficult parts of trying to speak Koine Greek is finding the right ancient word. I’ve already detailed a lot of the problems with most of the currently available resources in this post on the need for … Continue reading

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Using Electronic Lexica in Communicative Pedagogy (BibleWorks 9 Review, pt. 3)

Introduction In this series I am exploring some ways that the new BibleWorks 9 can be used, not simply as a tool for exegesis or Bible study, but as an aid to communicative learning and teaching. For a good overview … Continue reading

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What Does it Mean to “Read” Greek? (Basics of Greek Pedagogy, pt. 1)

By far the most common objection to oral/aural methods for teaching ancient Greek is the following: Greek is a dead language. We will never need to speak ancient Greek, so why should we waste time listening to and speaking it when … Continue reading

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